Award Results - Quad Cities - Moline Yellow Qualifier

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

29488 Darthbotics

While selecting a champion is always a daunting task, this year's champion is impressive, most impressive in core values, robot design, project, and table performance. The judges all agree that the Force is strong with this one, and we are thankful that they have not given themselves to the Dark Side, despite their Sith Lord namesake. Please join me in lifting our light sabers and giving our best Wookie howls in honor of Team 29488 DARTHBOTICS!!!

Robot Design Award

32067 Winions

Project Award

16834 Bicentennial Eagles

Core Values Award

26774 Storm Bots #26774

Judges' Award

22316 Galena Middle School Pirate Perfection

This highly energetic, inspiring team brightened up our Judge's day.

Robot Performance Award

17342 LegoLords

Rookie Team Award

31897 Flowing Human Intelligence

First Advancing Team

29488 Darthbotics

Second Advancing Team

17342 LegoLords

Third Advancing Team

12067 RoboGators

Fourth Advancing Team

31322 PolkaBots

Fifth Advancing Team

10036 Finding Lego (Orion White)