Award Results - Southern Illinois 2 (Red)

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

11039 Scrambled Gears

When the power goes out this team is ready with their cool water spout. When you need to charge your batteries, check this team out. The Champions award goes to Team 11039--the Scrambled Gears!

Robot Design Award

23965 Shinebots

This award recognizes a team who used LIGHT sensors very well. This team was well rounded in their use of CIRCUMFERENCE. They really SHONE through the competition. The Robot Design award goes to 23965, the Shinebots.

Project Award

4166 GIR!

This team was concerned about wasted water. These girls showed their strength. All they needed was the aid of a handle. The project award goes to team 4166 GIR!

Core Values Award

17076 Knights of the Round LEGO

This team demonstrated the Core Values all around. They mentored other teams all through the knight. They build each other up like LEGOS. The Core Values award goes to team 17076, the Knights of the Round LEGO!

Judges' Award

36501 Tiger Tech

This team worked to include all team members. They really earned their stripes at today's qualifier. We are excited to award this ferocious team the Judges' award today: Team 36501 Tiger Tech.

Robot Performance Award

11039 Scrambled Gears

High score of 135 points

Rookie Team Award

34444 Pipe Busters

This team is "bursting" with energy, with their robot "clawing" the pipes. When the water spouts, who you gonna call? Team 34444 Pipe Busters!

First Advancing Team

11039 Scrambled Gears

Second Advancing Team

4166 GIR!

Third Advancing Team

23965 Shinebots

Fourth Advancing Team

17076 Knights of the Round LEGO