Award Results - Peoria Bradley Qualifier - BLUE

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

8340 Dunlap Decoders

The champions of the blue tournament impressed the judges with advanced programming & a thorough design process. They clearly demonstrated gracious professionalism while volunteering in the community. It's no myth their project was great, too! Congratulations to Team #8340 the Dunlap Decoders!

Robot Design Award

2969 Brainstorm

Project Award

17022 The Bricks Awaken

Core Values Award

19191 cougarbots

Judges' Award

17036 Robotniks

Robot Performance Award

17022 The Bricks Awaken

Rookie Team Award

34794 United Red Storm

First Advancing Team

8340 Dunlap Decoders

Second Advancing Team

17022 The Bricks Awaken

Third Advancing Team

2969 Brainstorm

Fourth Advancing Team

3076 Chillicothe Xtreme Robotics

Fifth Advancing Team

3563 The Monkey Wrenches

Excellent CV, judges heard several compliments from other teams!