Award Results - Southern Illinois 2 (Blue)

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

28846 Mental Nachos

This team built a model prototype of their project design. This team's robot was able to do multiple missions on a single run. This team knows how to work together with a mindstorm when they're stuck, whether it's on FLL, their fort in the woods, or cheesy wordplay... The Champions' Award goes to team 28846, the Mental Nachos.

Robot Design Award

1717 Robolions

This team built an efficient multi-function robot. Their shirts matched the Hydro Dynamic theme. Their design and programming made the judges roar. This award goes to team 1717 the Robolions.

Project Award

5600 GFA Gamma Rays

This team utilized a variety of quality sources to develop their innovative solution. They are sure to go far helping others conserve water with their all inclusive attitude. You're likely to start seeing their solution in a toy store near you. The project award goes to the GFA Gamma Rays.

Core Values Award

17906 Radioactive Robots

This team worked together and voted on solutions to problems. They selected a quiet but effective leader that elicited the best out of his team mates. This team conga-lined into the judging room... The Core Values award goes to Team 17906 the Radioactive Robots!

Judges' Award

18161 Flower STEMs

This team uses all hands on deck to ensure all voices are heard. They sent letters to make sure the right people would hear the word. The government responded and took up the call, allowing the news to be proclaimed to all. The "Making a Change" Judges' Award goes to team 18161, the Flower STEMs.

Robot Performance Award

28846 Mental Nachos

High score of 195!

Rookie Team Award

33291 ERC Circuit Breakers

This rookie team had so many people and so many more ideas, but they voted to determine what standards they should use to pick their programs. Every time we flush out toilets we will remember this team's demonstration of how much water is wasted. The Rookie Team award goes to 33291 ERC Circuit Breakers.

First Advancing Team

28846 Mental Nachos

Second Advancing Team

1717 Robolions

Third Advancing Team

11750 Ocean Men

Fourth Advancing Team

24394 Brainy Bots

Fifth Advancing Team

17906 Radioactive Robots