Tournament Results

Tournament results can be viewed the day of the event or after. Live Scores can be seen as they are posted during the day. Awards may be viewed once the Tournament has concluded.

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DateTournamentCityStateCountryChallengeType# of TeamsHigh ScoreScoresAwards
04/13/2019 2019 Unit 3 4-H STEMbot ChallengeGrayslake, ILILUSA4-H STEMbot ChallengeRegional25235 View
04/13/2019 April 13, 2019 Unit 9 4-H STEMbot ChallengeJolietILUSA4-H STEMbot ChallengeRegional35320 View View
04/06/2019 2019 Unit 5 4-H STEMbot ChallengeElginILUSA4-H STEMbot ChallengeRegional0  View
03/30/2019 2019 Unit 6 4-H STEMbot ChallengeOlympia FieldsILUSA4-H STEMbot ChallengeRegional360 View