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Path to the EV3 Rider
Follow the line from the beginning to cross the gate into the EV3 Rider. If you do this mission, it must be the first mission you complete. You may touch your robot in the line follow area without penalty, but once the robot goes into the EV3 Rider base you cannot go back to the line follow.

Enter the EV3 Rider
Your robot must traverse the rocky terrain and push down the gate to enter the EV3 Rider base. The robot must completely pass the gate and be completely in base plus the gate must be lowered to earn points. No part of the robot may be touching the terrain model to score the points. You do not have to follow the line to complete this mission.

LEGO Transports
New LEGO bricks are being delivered all of the time to the LEGO Zone. The three transport cars will start at the bottom of the ramp. Your robot must move them up to the orange section ONE at a time. The car must stay in contact with the ramp at all times. Once a car is in the orange section, you may remove the car by hand since it is now safely delivered and in base.

Power on the LEGO Zone
The LEGO Zone has been turned off. Push the colored switch so that the LEGO Zone is turned on. The switch begins down towards the ramp and must be pushed up (northeast) towards the line follow area by 2 full clicks. (2 clicks to count)

Retrieve the Plutonium
Plutonium is needed to create new LEGO bricks for the LEGO Zone. Our crew has collected samples of plutonium but the carrier has gotten loose. Retrieve the carrier and bring it to base without any of the plutonium samples falling off the beam.

Deliver the Fan to the Factory
The fan (blue satellite) will begin in base and you must bring it to the factory for repair. Place the fan in the factory area or on the outer factory platform so the fan can be fixed.

Rescue Gerhard
One of our crew members is stuck in the vacuum chamber. Gerhard will be in the chamber leaning backwards towards the northeast corner of the board. Rescue Gerhard from the cylinder on the factory and bring him back to base.

Plug the Leak
LEGO bricks are pouring out of the LEGO Factory. Use the plug to stop the leak. The plug must be put into the hole facing southwest.

Bury the Plutonium
The plutonium needs to be contained. Move the samples to the containment area and then close the containment field. The containment field must be flat on the mat.
Ship the Bricks
Robot must launch the plane to the top of tower. The robot needs to impact the strike pad hard enough to launch the plane and keep it from dropping back down.

Lower the Temperature
The LEGO Factory machines are overheating. Turn the dial approximately 180 degrees to decrease the temperature. The pointer must reach the desired green temperature gauge location.

Retrieve the Virtual LEGOs
There are LEGOs that need to be shipped that are stored on the top shelf. Push the orange bar all the way down to lower the beam that has the virtual LEGO bricks on top of it. The orange bar will start in the upper position.

Clean the Bricks
Your LEGO bricks need to be cleaned before they can be sent out, so you need to wash your bricks. To wash your bricks, turn the tan into green by moving the push bar the right distance at the right speed.

Rescue the LEGO Ship
Your special LEGO Ship has broken loose from the EV3-Rider. Rescue the special LEGO ship and bring it back to base.

Replenish the LEGO Zone
LEGO Bricks are needed to refill the LEGO Zone. Using one of the plutonium samples, place it in the model so a lego brick is ejected.

There is raw LEGO all over the LEGO Zone. Collect the 6 discs of raw LEGO and bring them back to base.