Award Results - Southern Illinois 1 (Blue)

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

1495 Georwiûifmirßoçreir"

This team's project Backs Up their position as Champion. Their robot left judges tongue-tied, and the only thing bigger than their robot is their name. The Champions' Award goes to team 1495 "jore-why-eyef-mayer-sih-quren".

Robot Design Award

16629 Lego Lordz Ocean Overlordz

This Royal team wowed the robot judges, leaving other teams Green with envy. This team's energy was truly Lordly. The Robot Design Award goes to team 16629, the Lego Lordz.

Project Award

31197 The Master's Builders

This team Built their project with a lot of enthusiasm. While they are not YouTube famous yet, they are Masters of the FOG. The award for Project goes to team 31197, The Master's Builders.

Core Values Award

26782 SPPCS Falcons

This team's mentoring skills soared. They had a special spark about them. The Core Values Award goes to team 26782--The SPPCS Falcons.

Judges' Award

27456 Water Wizards

Grace under Pressure: Keeping your composure under difficult circumstances or staying calm and cool when things go wrong. This team, when their robot simply refused to run, stayed calm and gave articulate, complete and thoughtful answers to the judges' questions. The winner of the Judges' Award is team 27456, the Water Wizards.

Robot Performance Award

1495 Georwiûifmirßoçreir"

High score of 195!

First Advancing Team

1495 Georwiûifmirßoçreir"

Second Advancing Team

26782 SPPCS Falcons