Award Results - Southern Illinois 1 (Red)

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

34064 SPPCS Falcons 2

This team made a point of including everyone in every phase. Their water conservation idea was clear and not a haze. Their answer flies high with the eagles. The Champion's Award goes to SPPCS Falcons 2.

Robot Design Award

2739 ERC BOB: Brotherhood of Builders

This team gets jiggy with their quick attachment cycling. It's hip to be square with their impressive mission combos. This brotherhood is definitely calibrated for success. The Robot Design Award goes to ERC BOB: Brotherhood of Builders.

Project Award


Their project Floated them to the top, Netting them this award. They sang and danced their way through judging, dazzling the judges. This team polished their presentation until it Sparkled! The Project Award goes to team 24442, the SPARKLERS!

Core Values Award

33240 Robocatz

This team excelled in Core Values. With only two months of experience in FLL, they overcame many first time challenges. Their ability to improvise and adapt make them stand out The Core Values Award goes to team 33240--Robocatz.

Judges' Award

32739 The Iron Imaginators

Near the end of this season, with coaches absent, this team had to count on each other. CARD helped them prepare for Core Values. With this year's challenge based in water, we hope this team won't get rusty... The Judges' Award goes to team 32739: The Iron Imaginators!

Robot Performance Award


High Score of 135!

Rookie Team Award

26216 Team Dynamite

This team, while being beginners, knew that they needed to make an impression bright and early. The mission was accomplished surely. They started out with a bang--the Rookie Award goes to Team Dynamite.

First Advancing Team

34064 SPPCS Falcons 2

Second Advancing Team


Third Advancing Team

2739 ERC BOB: Brotherhood of Builders