Award Results - Decatur Qualifying Tournament

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

3023 JHMS Leadbusters

This large team barely fit on their towel, But their awesome robot swept away the competition Their solution might be healthier than a 7 layer dip.

Robot Design Award

33492 Warrensburg-Latham Middle School

This team worked together to build a sturdy robot, which is especially impressive for a rookie team. This funky robot didn't need feathers to fly through their missions!

Project Award

4880 Dennis Fabulous Filters

This team set out to tackle a heavy problem in their community. It is never easy reverse the dangers of lead poisoning... But this team came up with a fabulous solution!

Core Values Award

24584 Mt. Zion BRAVES

With smiles, giggles and 3,2,1 Jump, this RED team with core value examples hit all the marks. Working together with sister team, two Came way out ahead in core values, Whoo!!

Judges' Award

25684 PiMuBeta

This young team impressed us with their enthusiasm and research. Small in stature but great in knowledge, they demonstrated coopertition throughout the day. It is easy to give this award to the flower power behind this team!

Robot Performance Award

24584 Mt. Zion BRAVES

Rookie Team Award

3022 French Fried Chickens

This Decatur team had some hot table runs, and this bird may even fly!

First Advancing Team

3023 JHMS Leadbusters

Second Advancing Team

24584 Mt. Zion BRAVES

Third Advancing Team

4880 Dennis Fabulous Filters

Fourth Advancing Team

25684 PiMuBeta