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Round #
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Team Name
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M01 Innovation Project
The innovation project is large enough (2+ white LEGO pieces and 4+ LEGO studs long):

Part of the innovation Project is touching:

M02 Step Counter
The bottom of the pointer is on:

M03 Slide
Number of slide figures off the slide:
A slide figure is completely in home:

A slide figure is held completely off the mat by the heavy tire and touching nothing else:

M04 Bench
The bench is down flat:

Number of hopscotch spaces with cubes touching the mat inside them:
The backrest in completely out of both of its holes:

M05 Basketball
A cube is in the crate:

On which white stopper does the crate rest:

M06 Pull-Up Bar
The robot passed completely through the pull-up bar’s upright frame at any time:

The pull-up bar holds 100% of the robot up off the mat at the end of the match:

M07 Robot Dance
The robot’s controller is dancing over the dance floor at the end of the match:

M08 Boccia
Both share models have sent only one cube anywhere onto the opposing field and those cubes color-match each other:

Number of cubes in the frame or target:
At least one yellow cube is completely in the target:

Any equipment is in the frame (even partly)

M09 Tire Flip
Tires white side up and resting on the mat:

Tires completely in the large target circle:

The heavy (black tread) tire crossed the flip line (even partly) at any time:

M10 Cell Phone
The cell phone is white side up and resting only on the mat:

M11 Treadmill
The robot spun the rollers so the pointer points to:

M12 Row Machine
The free wheel is completely outside the large circle:

The free wheel is completely in the small circle:

M13 Weight Machine
The stopper is under the lever and the lever setting is:

M14 Health Units
Number of health units touching either the RePLAY logo or the gray area around the bench:
Number of health units looped over a pull-up bar post and touching no equipment (max of 4):
M15 Precision
Number of precision tokens left on the field:
Equipment Inspection Bonus
All team equipment fits in the small inspection space: