COVID Lego Robotics Challenge
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M01 Hypodermics at Dawn
Is the Syringe in Base:

Is the Syringe touching the red cross and only contains 3 white plasma:

M02 Heart Surgery
Is the Black tube is in the heart, (but the grey body is not):

Is the patch is completely in the heart:

M03 COVID Chemistry
All blocks fully clicked into a vertical orientation, with white tiles facing south:

M04 Surface Sanitization
Number of Germs removed from the hopper:
Number of Germs in the sink and touching only the sink or other germs:
M05 Telemedicine
Is the Doctor placed in front of large screen:

Is the Patient placed in front of small screen:

Are both flags raised with Doctor and Patient in position:

M06 Gather Supplies
Number of Water Canisters in base:
Number of Water Canisters completely in the house:
M07 Open the Door
Did the robot open the door so that it stays opened:

Before touching the door to open it, did the robot executes a single 180 degree turn while in the Blue Door area:

M08 Composter
Is the compost is :

M09 Valuables
Are the valuables are completely in the house:

M10 FLL Chicken
Is the Chicken in the Tree:

Is the Chicken in the Circle:

M11 Discover the Source
Is the Bat is in base:

M12 Work from Home
Is the laptop in the house:

M13 Isolate Gerhard
Gerhard is ______ in the isolation chamber:

M14 Toilet Paper
Number of Rolls of Toilet Paper remaining: