Body Forward
Team #
Round #
Referee Signature
Team Name
Team Signature

Rapid Blood Screening
Syringe in base?

All 3 white blood cells delivered to the patient area (and no red blood cells)?

Number of red blood cells in play?
Artery Stent
Opposing artery walls parallel?

Cardiac Missions
Cardiac patch in the heart area?

Pace maker's black tube in the heart area (and not the gray pace maker)?

Mechanical Arm Patent
Mechanical arm grabbed the patent?

Medicine Auto-Dispensing
Dispensed all blue & white medicine and no pink medicine?

Container is in the patient area with at least one blue & one white medicine?

Robot Sensitivity
Tire in up position (by pressing the blue panel)?

Brain Missions
Red nerve away from the brain?

Door at least half way open (by pushing south nerve)?

Professional Teamwork
All 3 people in patient area?

Bad Cell Destruction
Number of black cells facing NORTH?
Number of black cells facing UP?
Special Bone Repair
Bone bridge all the way in the leg bone?

Blue ball kicked (by foot) into green goal area and bone bridge not on mat?

Bionic Eyes
At least 1 eye touching the upper body?

Common Bone Repair
Cast all the way down covering the break?