FLL World Class
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Reverse Engineering
Basket is in base?

Your model is in base and "identical"?

Opening Doors
Door opened by pushing handle down?

Project Based Learning
Number of loops on scale?
Model in view of referee (with/without people)?

Model touching scale's white circle (with people)?

Search Engine
The color wheel was spun at least once (via slider)?

Only the correct loop was removed?

Ball shot from north/east of "shot lines" towards net?

Ball is touching the mat in the net?

Robotics Competition
The robotics insert is installed?

Loop is no longer touching model?

Using the Right Senses
Loop is no longer touching model?

Remote Communications/Learning
Referee saw robot pull the slider west?

Thinking Outside the Box
Idea model not touching box (box never in base)?

Idea model's bulb is facing up?

Community Learning
Loop is no longer touching model?

Cloud Access
SD Card is up (due to "key" insertion)?

Adapting to Changing Conditions
Model was rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise?

Number of penalties?
Yellow handle was moved south?

Engagement Scale reading?