Animal Allies
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M01 Shark Shipment
Shark and Tank are completely in?

Shark is only touching the tank floor (no walls)?

M02 Service Dog Action
Warning Fence is down because Robot crossed it from the west?

M03 Animal Conservation
# of animal pairs completely on either field? (Only count animal pairs brought together by conservation model.)
M04 Feeding
# of animal areas with a single piece of food?
# of animal areas with only a pair of matched food?
M05 Biomimicry
Bio Wall is only thing touching / supporting weight of the white gecko?

Bio Wall is only thing touching / supporting weight of the robot?

M06 Milking Automation
All 3 milks were expelled from milking machine (only using the red lever)?

Manure was expelled from the milking machine?

M07 Panda Release
Panda habitat is fully open?

M08 Camera Recovery
Camera is completely in base?

M09 Training and Research
Dog & Trainer are completely in T&R area?

Zoologist is completely in T&R area?

# of disk-manure samples completely in T&R area (singly transported)?
M10 Bee Keeping
Is the bee on the bee hive?

Honey is in/on?

M11 Prosthesis
Prosthesis has been fitted onto the pet pig?

Pet pig is completely in the farm area?

M12 Seal in Base
Seal is completely in base and not broken?

M13 Milk in Base
All 3 milk are completely in Base?

M14 Milk on Ramp
All 3 milk supported by the ramp?

All 3 milk the only thing supported/touching the ramp?

All 3 milk in a standing position on the ramp?

# of penalties assessed?