Award Results - Peoria Bradley Qualifier - RED

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

2981 The Thinkinators

With a solid desighn. We are excited for their future with an app to connect us to clean water. They are such a thankful team that they should be called them Thank a nators.

Robot Design Award

8236 House of Knowledge

This robot is a beast with a solid design. Their attachments slid on with easy. This team brought them knowledge.

Project Award

8338 Palindrones

Core Values Award

16973 St. Jude Firecrackers

Judges' Award


They had the best vibs. They did core values training during their season.

Robot Performance Award

2981 The Thinkinators

Rookie Team Award

32904 The IDK's

Sold team that bright future ahead of them

First Advancing Team

2981 The Thinkinators

Second Advancing Team

16973 St. Jude Firecrackers

Third Advancing Team

8338 Palindrones

Fourth Advancing Team

8236 House of Knowledge

Fifth Advancing Team

35620 St Marks Marksmen - BLUE