Award Results - Quad Cities - Moline Blue Qualifier

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

10819 Darthbotics

They did well to work together and use the force to rise over the competition. We would like to introduce and congratulate our champions today, #10819 Darthbotics!

Robot Design Award

12067 RoboGatorsBig Bang Bots

This robot's simple, effective design impressed the judges. We thought we had our "Fill" of robots, until we saw this team. Their hinged arm and claw made us shout "Bazinga!" The robot award goes to #12067 the RoboGators Big Bang Bots.

Project Award

16834 Bicentennial Eagles

This team sorted throught the facts and trash to find a gem of a project. After polishing and painting, they brought new life to the things one might have called junk. They soared above the rest with an eye on the prize. The Judge's award goes to the #16834 Bicentennial Eagles.

Core Values Award

11506 Seton Engineering Team

This team demonstrated exemplary core values today. Within their team and also by helping out other teams. They literally took us by storm. The Core Values award goes to #11506 Seton Engineering Team

Judges' Award

12198 The Avengers

They came here with a force to show their passion against all odds and with a name. We are sure they will be back to show us they can do. They have shown that robots are not their only challenge as they care about the environment and as a team spent time exploring what they can do to make a difference. They showed perserverence and teamwork. The judges award goes to #12198 the Avengers.

Robot Performance Award

12925 System Overload

Rookie Team Award

20243 Tough as Bricks

Who says being new boxes you into a corner? This team has collapsed the competition to stack up in the ranks. The Rookie award goes to team #20243 "Tough As Bricks"

First Advancing Team

10819 Darthbotics

Second Advancing Team

20243 Tough as Bricks

Third Advancing Team

16834 Bicentennial Eagles