Award Results - Peoria Bradley - BLUE

The following awards were given out at this tournament. Congratulations to all these teams for a job well done.

Champions' Award

3620 RoboStorm

With enthusiasm and confidence that reaches out to help up and coming rookies, this team was able to grab our attention in all 3 areas of the competition. Combining a trash can that EET's trash with a robot CUBE running the table, this team is taking Knox County by Storm. Congratulations to Robo Storm, Team 3620 Champions Award

Robot Design Award

2981 The Thinkinators

With a modular approach and innovative attachments. This team conveyed their design ideas. We think they are assume. The deisgn award goes to the thinkinators.

Project Award

8340 Dunlap Decoders

This team won't let you go hungry! Their FB notifications and Uber - like delivery team will eliminate food waste and keep all food banks full. You know this team has DECODED there secret to lessening landfills AND community hunger. Congratulations to team #8340 there Dunlap Decoders.

Core Values Award

6233 RoboThunder

As a Veteran Team,know the FLL program very well.With only one rookie on the team demonstrated good skills and enthusiasm.Because of the team's past experience, looked like they were perfect enough to not deal with any situations

Judges' Award

17036 Peoria Friendship House Robotniks

They had a great attitude. They are small team but are mighty! They judges were BLOWN away by their team work!

Robot Performance Award

2981 The Thinkinators

Rookie Team Award

18047 Robotic Rebels

Their proformance was so strong and attitude was so awesome that they judges thought they must have done this before. It was easy to color code them into their rookie award catagory!

First Advancing Team

2981 The Thinkinators

Second Advancing Team

3620 RoboStorm

Third Advancing Team

6233 RoboThunder

Fourth Advancing Team

8340 Dunlap Decoders